What is your one signature dish that no one can resist?

Share a video of you making a dish that you are an expert at - whether it’s a starter, a main course or a dessert.

It could be a popular dish, your take on it or a completely new invention.
How creatively you use Freshwrapp Foil products in making or presenting your preparation is what will set it apart in KBC.

The most popular submissions get a chance to be featured on Freshwrapp’s social channels.


Freshwrapp Aluminium Foil Contests Prizes

The most popular submissions will be featured on Hindalco Freshwrapp’s social media channels

Judging Criteria

Winners will be selected by a panel of Freshwrapp experts, and the recipes will be marked on:


How innovatively can you use Freshwrapp
to present your dish creatively?


How healthy is your dish?


How easy will it be for others to recreate
the dish by following your submission?

How it works


Shoot a video showing your
ingredients and recipe


Upload the video and give
it a great name


Fill in the details, and share
your submission to gather votes


Contest Rules

All videos submitted must be an original creation of the participant.

Every recipe should try to include the use of Freshwrapp aluminium foil.

Recipes can feature any type of cuisine.

Participants can send in unlimited number of entries.

Each recipe should contain the right quantities for each ingredient, their purpose, and the process of making the dish clearly.

The decision of the Freshwrapp panel will be final and will not be open to debate in case of a tie.

Freshwrapp reserves the right to use the recipes sent by contestants.