The Lunchbox Challenge

A lot more goes into a lunchbox than just food! At Freshwrapp, we love that you innovate recipes that delight your loved ones, and pack it
in their lunchboxes with tender loving care. Share such recipes with us, and take part in our Lunchbox Challenge to win prizes each month!
You also get a chance cook your way to fame, by getting your recipe featured among our official collection of Freshwrapp recipes.

Freshwrapp Aluminium Foil Gift Bucket
Win 6 months’ supply of
Freshwrapp Foil!

Every month, three Lunchbox Challenge winners
will get an exciting gift hamper
containing a range of our Freshwrapp products.

How It Works

Freshwrapp Aluminium Foil Contest
Submit Your Recipe

Contest Rules

  • All recipes submitted must be an original creation of the participant.
  • Every recipe must include the use of Freshwrapp aluminium foil.
  • Recipes can feature any type of cuisine.
  • Participants can send in unlimited number of entries.
  • Each recipe should contain the right quantities for each ingredient, their purpose, and the process of making the dish in detail.
  • The decision of the Freshwrapp panel will be final and will not be open to debate.
  • Freshwrapp reserves the right to use the recipes sent by contestants.

Judging Criteria

Winners will be selected by a panel of Freshwrapp experts, and the recipes will be marked on:


How innovative is your dish?


How healthy is your dish?


How easy will it be for others to recreate the dish by reading your recipe?