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Superwrap Aluminium Foil is available in a range of sizes and quantities and is suited to a variety of applications like covering and wrapping food, keeping food warm, as a grilling tray or as a drip tray.

Superwrap Super Savings Packs

With Superwrap Super Savings Packs, you get all the foil you need and then some more! Whatever be your family’s needs, add this pack to your monthly shopping list, and rest assured that you won’t run out of foil during the month.

  • Superwrap Aluminium Foils Value Pack

    Superwrap Value Pack
    (20m + 5m free)

    Length 25m
    Width 300mm
    Product Brochure
    Thickness 11 microns
  • Superwrap Aluminium Foils Economy Pack 60m

    Superwrap Economy Pack 60m

    Length 36m
    Width 300mm
    Product Brochure
    Thickness 18 microns

Superwrap Pre-Cut Sheets

Wrap on the go - designed for your convenience, Superwrap Pre-Cut Sheets are the perfect size for wrapping rolls, sandwiches and small meal portions.

Superwrap Aluminium Foils Pre-Cut Sheets

Superwrap Pre-Cut Sheets

Available in 20/50/220/250 Sheets

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