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Freshwrapp Advantages

Food cooked with love deserves much more than just ordinary wrap!
Freshwrapp comes with a unique set of advantages that will keep your food fresh, healthy and yummy!


Freshwrapp Aluminium Foil-Freshness

Freshwrapp preserves warmth and moistness, keeping your food fresh and aromatic, long after you have packed it.

Value for Money

Freshwrapp Aluminium Foil-Value for Money

When we say your roll is 9m long, it will be 9m long. We also offer exciting deals where you get extra foil for free – giving you more than all others.


Freshwrapp Aluminium Foil-Hygiene

Freshwrapp comes with a guaranteed thickness of 11 microns and above, ensuring that your food remains full of flavour and free of bacteria.

Convenience of Use

Freshwrapp Aluminium Foil-Convenience of Use

Pre-packed for various applications and available in a wide range of quantities, we design our Freshwrapp products to suit your unique kitchen needs.

The Mommy Guarantee


"I think Freshwrapp Heavy Duty Aluminium Foil is one of the handiest things that you can use in the kitchen! Not only does it keep moisture at bay, but it also keeps food fresh, and retains its flavour. Whether it’s rotis, cakes or puddings, I use Freshwrapp for both cooking and storage, as it serves a dual purpose!"

Nilu Sethi

"A mother, wife and working professional - I play diverse roles. But amidst all the hustle and bustle, I wrap love for my family in Freshwrapp Heavy Duty Aluminium Foil!"

Aparna Chand

"I have been using Freshwrapp Heavy Duty Aluminium Foil because of its quality. I mainly use it during the festive season to parcel and carry biryani, mutton stew, meatballs and malai kofta to my relatives’ homes."

Muhammed Shamm

"I always use Freshwrapp Heavy Duty Aluminium Foil because of its superior quality and affordability when compared to the other brands. It keeps food fresh for a long time and is also a hygienic packing option!"

Puneet Kumar

"I’ve been using Freshwrapp while cooking - I cover my dishes with Freshwrapp foil while they bake, because it helps them retain all that all the wonderful flavour and moisture!"

Kshitija Pande

"I have been using Freshwrapp Bacteria Control Foil for the last 10 years and have always had an amazing experience with it. Whenever I pack pickles or fried food, everything stays neat and not a single drop of oil is spilled!"

Surama Sarangi

"Freshwrapp is the most durable aluminium foil I have ever used! It’s a must-have in my kitchen, as it keeps the taste of my food intact, even after hours."

Amita Mewani

"I have been using Freshwrapp aluminium foil for the last 10 years. Its multi-purpose nature makes it an important part of my kitchen. I use it while baking and cooking a variety of dishes!"


Tips and Tricks

Using aluminium foil effectively…and creatively!

Time to break out the ice!

Need ice cubes, but don’t have an ice tray? Good news is, you don’t need one!
All you need is some aluminium foil to make this do-it-yourself ice tray.

Step 1:

Freshwrapp Aluminium Foil Tips

Gather some Freshwrapp foil and an empty egg tray.

Step 2:

Freshwrapp Aluminium Foil Tips

Cut and shape the foil as per the egg-shaped pockets and place them in.

Step 3:

Freshwrapp Aluminium Foil Tips

Voila, just like that, you have your very own ice tray. Time to celebrate with a cool drink.

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Did You Know?

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